Incan Rich Slots

Incan Rich Slots is a brand new slot game brought to you by Rival Gaming. The main theme of this slot game is the Inca tribe, so if that is something that sparks your interest, be sure to keep on reading. In Incan Rich Slots, you play on a board using a 3-4-5-4-3 grid. It may come as somewhat of a surprise, but there are no pay lines in this slot. For some of you, that may be a dealbreaker, whereas for others, this can be something new and refreshing. Saying that, there are still 720 ways of winning.You can play with Incan Rich Slots with a minimum bet of 0.2 euros per round, and the maximum bet is 50 euros. The payout percentage of Incan Rich Slots is precisely 95%, which is just under the average. There are 15 different symbols in this slot game, including the wild, the bonus, and the free spins symbol. This game has received a really positive rating that it's easy to comprehend and play, so there's no messing about or having to read instructions, you can dive straight in. You also have the option to play for real money or virtual money, the choice is yours.

What do you see when you first open up Incan Rich Slots? Well, the theme of this game, as previously mentioned, is the Inca tribe. So you can expect to find bright, energetic colors. We are welcomed to the homescreen by a character wearing a colorful headpiece and a dazzling smile. He is probably smiling because he knows how much money he is going to help you win. Furthermore, we can see a big golden temple, tropical green flora and a clear blue sky. If nothing else, at least this game gives you that sunny feeling. It is truly a beautiful game, so if you're into aesthetics, then this could be for you. The RTP comes in at 95%, with the variance considered low. The minimum bet is 0.2 and the maximum is 50.

So what are you waiting for? Are you excited to try out Incan Rich Slots? If the answer is yes, then why not try it out today? From this review, we have gathered that Incan Rich Slots is a fantastic new slot game, with an abundance of opportunities to win big. It can also be played on any iOS or Android device. Give it a go today!