Bigger Cash Win Slots

Do you remember the way people were freaking out over Rivals Big Cash Win release? Well then, you know what to expect considering they have brought out a slot version to this game. It is called Bigger Cash Win Slot, and the hint is in the name, it is here to help you win bigger and better. The developers of this slot have kept the authenticity of the Las Vegas world, as well as having it as a classic slot machine experience. It features 3 reels, as well as some players' favorite icons. There are also some insane features to be talked about, so make sure you keep on reading!

Let's talk more about the visual design of the game, and what it has to offer us aesthetically. When we first open the slot, we are welcomed by the title screen. If you have been around for long enough, any punter will be able to recognise the retro vibe music. The graphics are very clean and concise, making it easy to play and navigate. The animations and sound design are next level too. All of these features combined make the Bigger Cash Win Slot what it is today.

The pay table includes lucky 7s, cherries, triple, double and single bars as well as the wild symbol and the game logo scatter. There isn't too much more to it. Bigger Cash Win Slot keeps it simple, but that is more than enough. As we previously mentioned, Bigger Cash Win Slot has got 3 reels and 5 paylines.The maximum cash jackpot comes in at a whopping $3,000.00. The payout percentage is at a pretty good 95.86%. The betting range can start from as low as $0.01 - 5.0. There are 3 coins per line, and no progressive jackpots. The volatility is considered a medium here.

So what are you waiting for? Has Bigger Cash Win Slot got you convinced? I wouldn't be surprised if they do. With all of their fantastic bonuses and symbols in the game, it's not unlikely to think that you will actually win big from this slot game. Luckily, Bigger Cash Win Slot can be played on any iOS or Android device, once again making it really easy for players. Play Bigger Cash Win Slot today and don't miss out!